Tuscan Treads

Tuscan Treads

Quarried in Montana, Tuscan treads are made from a durable sandstone which harmonizes well in any setting with it's warm color tones of buff, brown and gray but looks especially good in Southwest and Mediterranean themes. The quarry that produces this material for us is equipped with a large, hydraulic guillotine that enables them to "chop" large, raw slabs into rustic, modular pieces 6-8" thick that we call TREADS.

BEAMS - we also have a variety of small "beams" which can also be used for small treads, vertical elements, gate or light posts, monuments, etc. 6"x6-12"  x 3-6' long.

MASSIVE SLABS - 6-8" thick x 3-5' wide x 7-9' long - great for bridges or vertical monuments, massive table tops or whatever your imagination can conjure up!


We stock the following standard tread sizes:
6-8" thickness x 16-18" depth x the following widths:
24" (apprx. 250 lbs +  each)   $165

36" (apprx. 400 lbs + each)    $235

48" (apprx. 550 lbs +  each)   $265

60" (apprx. 700 lbs + each)   $340

72" (approx 850 lbs + each)   $390

Custom sizes are available with a large enough order and sufficient lead time.

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