Terms of Use

DISCLAIMER: Stone is a product of nature - not manufactured - and is subject to variations in color, texture, hardness and dimension and, therefore, no warranties can be made on such a natural product. Rest assured though - Pacific Stonescape Inc. strives to deal with well-established and reputable quarries who are committed to quality and consistency.

RETURN POLICY: Pacific Stonescape Inc. accepts returns on stone with a MINIMUM 10% restocking charge except in the following cases:
1. Purchases more than 30 days old.
2. Stone contaminated with mortar or mortar dust, excessive soil, mud or other foreign matter.
3. Quarry direct-shipped, bulk rock & aggregates, close-out or special order stone.
4. Stone purchased then stored at Pacific Stonescape yards for more than 30 days.

LIABILITY POLICY: Pacific Stonescape Inc. is not liable for any injuries to any person or damage to personal property occuring at any of our yards. We will also not be held liable for any damage occuring to persons or real or personal property during the delivery of stone purchased from us. Our delivery policy is "curbside" but we will extend that to any paved or stable gravel surfaces. Delivery outside of these parameters will be made only after a hold-harmless waiver has been signed by the customer. Final decision on whether or not a delivery can be made safely is solely up to the discretion of our delivery driver.

STORAGE POLICY: We will store purchased stone for up to 30 days after which a $5.00/month/pallet charge will accrue. We will not be responsible for stone stored past 6 months from the date of purchase.