Quarry Aggregates

Quarry Aggregates

Crushed rock from local and regional quarries for use as:
base rock underlayment for flagstone walkways and patios, gravel driveways, utility walkways and parking areas.


Basalt quarry rock: mined and crushed in the Willamette Valley. We stock 3/4" minus and 3/8" minus at our yards. Dark gray when wet to medium gray when dry. The minus designation means that there are "fines" in this material which act as a binder to hold the larger particles together in a compacted surface. "Open" rock means that the fines have been screened out and this rock is typically used for drainage purposes.

Decomposed Granite: mined in Southern Oregon in 3/8" minus. Light to medium buff in color with a more "sandlike" texture. Sometimes used for running track surfaces, softball infield or overlaid on top of less expensive local crushed quarry rock for a warmer, earthier color. We stock "DG" at all times and can arrange quarry-direct delivery for larger projects.

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