Molalla Building Stone

Molalla Building Stone

Swirling earth tones of brown and beige create the character of Molalla Building Stone along with it's tendency to be very blocky and, therefore - easy to drystack and a favorite among landscape contractors and neophyte wall builders.


1-3" EZ Wall/Small Paver - coverage: 18-22 sqft/ton
2-4" Stackable Wall - coverage: 18-22 sqft/ton
4-6" bed Ledgestone - coverage 25-30 sqft/ton
3-5" One Man Wall Stone - coverage: 18-22 sqft/ton
5-8" Two Man Wall Stone - coverage: 12-18 sqft/ton
This material is available palletized or in bulk (in most cases) although the palletized material is always a more "select" product.
Rustic Ridge Cottage Stone - coverage: apprx 40-45 sqft/ton, 1-3" thick faces on the "ledge" with 8-12" faces on the "shiners"
Available palletized only.

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