Camas Basalt

Camas Basalt

Classic gray basalt building stone of the Pacific NW! Bold textures and a variety of shapes & styles can be used for walls, columns, veneers, stairs, water features, edging, etc.


SQUARES & RECTANGLES: 3-5" thick x random - typ. 8" min. x 18" max. dimensions. Also available in THIN 2-3" thick in smaller dimensions.

CURBSTONE: 6-8" thick by random blocky shapes typ. 12" min. x 18" max. dimensions. Used for rustic "curbing" along driveways, in walls, for stairways, etc. End to end coverage approx 20'/ton  

HALF CURBSTONE: 5-7" thick x random blocky - rectangular shapes typ. 10-16" long. End to end coverage approx: 26'/ton

A-SPLIT: 3-5" thick x 12-18"  irregular angled pieces typically used as a veneer. 

THIN SPLIT: 2-3" thick also used as a veneer, stepping stone, pond edging, etc.

LEDGESTONE: 3-5" bed depth x 6-12"+ random length used as edging/curbing and in walls and columns and as a veneer. Also available in a THIN LEDGE 2-3" thick which makes a nice, fairly economical edging where a narrower material is needed.

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