Bronze Basalt Bowls

Bronze Basalt Bowls

Bronze basalt bowls occur naturally at the quarry and are not cut, carved or otherwise man-made in any way.
We stock a variety of sizes of these unique stone dishes but they are so popular that they sell almost as fast as we unload the delivery trucks!


Average sizes are 12-14" tall x 18-24" wide with a few smaller and larger. The average weight of these beauties is in the 350-450 pound range. We get a few in the 200-300 pounders in each load and more than a few taller specimens that range up to 1200 lbs and 3-5' tall.
Most people want to place these stone bowls in the landscape as still water basins but we keep a good selection of drilled bowls for bubbling water features or can have one drilled upon request.

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