Basalt Column Post Bases - NEW ITEM!

Basalt Column Post Bases - NEW ITEM!

Over the years we have been asked about using basalt columns as post bases for a variety of supported structures such as: entryways, porches, pergolas, elevated decks, etc. The problem in using natural columns in such applications is you need a really flat bottom, a bore hole to receive some sort of mechanical attachment piece and a flat spot on top to set your post. Our own project spurred some thought and design and we now offer these in a variety of heights. We think they look REALLY cool!

They can also be used as bubbling column water features!


12-18" diameters with sawn bottom and squared-off flat spot on top with 1 3/8" center bore. Top is polished as shown in photo. 

24" - $300

36" - $350

40" - $400

44" - $450

48" - $500

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