Black Basalt Wall Rock

Black Basalt Wall Rock

Quarried in the Southern Willamette Valley, black basalt can be found throughout landscapes in the region. It is typically available "quarry run" which means in the shapes and sizes that are produced when the quarry wall is dynamited (shot). A wide variety of wall styles can be built with black basalt from informal rubble walls to tightly-fitted drystacked works of art - depending on the skill of the wall builder and/or the pocketbook of the customer! (FYI: More and more quarries are not allowing public access to their sites due to increasingly stringent MSHA regulations and liability concerns.)


Quarry run Black Basalt is not typically sorted, graded or packaged like other building stone offered by Pacific Stonescape. It is delivered "quarry run" in bulk or customers can come to our yards to hand pick the sizes and shapes they need for their particular project. The material used in the photos here has been hand-selected by the builders of these walls and handled multiple times - driving the cost of the material up to a point comparable with stone imported from outside the Willamette Valley. Coverage of this wall rock is typically 10-15 sqft.ton depending on the size and bed depth of rock being used. For more versatile offerings of this material see OREGON BLACK BASALT.

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