Bitteroot Flagstone

Bitteroot Flagstone

Quarried in the Bitteroot Mountain Range of western Montana, this flagstone is colored by the iron oxide hues of bronze, brown and red with some gray. It has a medium cleft and imbues a warmth much like redwood or cedar.


1-2" Stepstone: 1-2" thickness, 12" x 12" irregular shapes up to 16" x 16", coverage is appx. 100-125 sqft/ton

1-2" Flagstone: larger piece sizes up to 36" x 48" irregular, coverage: 100-125 sqft/ton

NOTE: Bitteroot stone is high in iron oxides which will bleed into mortar joints, adjacent hardscape surfaces and water features. This is not a significant problem when dry setting flagstone but should be taken into consideration when mortar setting. Some masons will tint the mortar if this staining is objectionable while others find this trait natural enhances the color blend of the finished surface.

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