Japanese Stone Lanterns & Basins

Our new ISHI DORO line of Japanese garden lanterns, posts and basins in traditional designs are hand-crafted in solid granite stone. The stone lanterns are available in many styles from the ornately formal to simply rustic in a variety of sizes and ALL are pre-drilled to accommodate low-voltage lighting! We are pleased to be able to offer these items at VERY reasonable prices and can ship them anywhere. NEW CONTAINER ARRIVED DECEMBER 2015 and all pending orders have shipped but we have a good inventory of lanterns for your projects this Spring. ORDER NOW WHILE THERE IS STILL A GOOD SELECTION!
Inquire on-line about availability and shipping costs. .

These precision-crafted lanterns are available with wood or stone window. Measured by the width of the roof. 7 pieces

This traditional pagoda makes a striking vertical statement wherever it is placed. 8 pieces

Simple and strong styling.

Very ornate and delicate vertical pagoda with exquisite detailing.

Beautifully arching and elegantly ornate. Measured by the width of the roof. 6 piecesWe experience variance in heights from...

Gracefully arching Kotoji spans small waterway, dry creek bed or other "flowing" element

Simplicity and strength are the characteristics of the Kodai Maru Yukimi. Measured by the width of the roof. 5...

The detail of this classic snow lantern is amazing - especially when illuminated. Measured by the width of the...

Ornate traditional pagoda lantern with exquisite detailing. Measured by the diagonal width of roof. 5 pieces

a Zen garden classic snow lantern...4 pieces - measured by the width of the roof .

Simple and strong with soft clean lines. Measured by width of roof. 4 pieces

Primitive and rustic with a rough-hewn texture. 3 pieces - measured by the width of roof.

Stone hut from a Zen fairytale. Measured by width of roof. 2 pieces

Traditional design with monk image. This post has no base and is meant to be set with packed earth,...

Rustic and informal lantern with rough hewn texture.6 pieces

Simply beautiful and subtle. 7 pieces

Elegant curving post. 6 pieces

Elegant and strong vertical pagoda. 6 pieces

Robust and ornate. 6 pieces

Rectangular lantern on robust pedestal. 6 pieces

Soft round form in a warm buff-colored granite. 6 pieces

Primitive and rustic. 5 pieces

Primitive and rustic. 5 pieces

Simple square post lantern. 2 pieces Indoor or outdoor application. See photos of one we wired up for a...

Stone Buddha carved from dark gray Salt & Pepper granite stone in amazing detail.


A very natural bachi with a rustic patina and generous polished basin and flat bottom.

These naturally elegant granite basins have a perfectly smooth and polished top with a natural stone crust edge and...

NEW ITEM - DEC 2016 These rough-hewn rustic granite basins would be at home in a water feature, ceremonial...

This rough hewn black basalt basin has a flat top and bottom with very rustic outside surfaces. It is...

These little gems are our answer to the small diameter columnar bowls that have been scarce out of Eastern...

These 11-12" round granite stepping stones are approx 2" thick and rough-hewn for a rustic appearance.        ...

Square basin with slight taper and primitive bird image carved into each corner.

Stone cube basin with precisely carved grid pattern

Also called a Lotus Basin - subtle flower shape.

Millstone shape with Japanese symbols and square basin.

Traditional and simple, this basin has clean curves and is without any adornment.

Another traditional basin design.


Mike Riddle, a semi-retired Corvallis design/build landscape contractor who specializes in Japanese design (and who STILL does design and...

This little 12v / 2.5watt / T3 bulb pairs up with a quality socket and can be wired into...