Rough Hewn Granite Basins

Rough Hewn Granite Basins


These rough-hewn rustic granite basins would be at home in a water feature, ceremonial washing bowl, small fish or still water pond, planter or even a dog water bowl! We will even drill a drain hole for you at NO CHARGE if you need one!

OR, pair one up with a KAKEHI WATER SPOUT for a traditional (and delightful) "pond-less water feature"!


Two colors: White and Dark Gray Salt & Pepper

Square & Round 12x12x8" tall, 5" depth  $99

Round=approx 68 lbs   Square=approx 88 lbs

Square & Round 18x18x14" tall, 9" depth  $199

Round=approx 170 lbs  Square=approx 200 lbs

Square & Round 16x16x8, 6" depth  $149

Round=approx 130 lbs  Square=approx 150 lbs

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