Traditional design with monk image. This post has no base and is meant to be set with packed earth, gravel or concrete. 5 pieces

Square opening in front and in back.

Sun & crescent moon opening on sides.

Oribe was the leading tea master after Sen No Rikyu (the father of the modern tea ceremony, 1640’s). He designed this lantern to represent the influence of Christianity as it was introduced into Japan. It supposedly represents a cross and the “monk” could represent Jesus or some even think Mary. Most people put the symbol and monk to the back so it is not apparent. This is because originally the Japanese who used it were persecuted for their new found beliefs. So says the legend.


24" tall $199  (70 lbs) STOCK ITEM

36" tall $309 (264 lbs) STOCK ITEM

48" tall $449 (420 lbs) STOCK ITEM

60" tall $639 (600 lbs) STOCK ITEM

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Truly the lanterns (both Oribe and Kusaya) we purchased from you give us daily pleasure. Tracy S. from San Diego

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