These very natural column lanterns are crafted from basalt with one polished face and polished top. They are drilled to accommodate your low-voltage wiring and have a grille made of cedar.


Approx 48" tall x 7-9" diameter.

Weight ranging from 150-170 lbs approx.

$265 each

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Basalt Post Lantern

We received this basalt column lantern together with another lantern. It arrived in 5 days in perfect condition. The lantern is polished at the front face and top, leaving the other four sides ( it is a rough pentagonal shape) in its unpolished rock face of grey, rust red, and mottled green. Very interesting and beautiful contrast between the polished and un-polished sides. Gives a a good wabi-sabi look, modern and ancient all at once. I wired the lantern with a low 12V LED lamp, and lined the cedar wood frame with kitchen wax paper that worked as well as Japanese shoji paper. Mounted it on a solid concrete paver and fixed with masonry adhesive. Looks perfect at the corner of my garden facing a gravel path.

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