Skinny Basalt Columns

They're Ba-aack! After 3 years of quarry shutdown in Eastern Mongolia, we have found a new source of these elusive skinny basalt columns!

They are running in diameters from 7-12" and come in the following forms...

Raw columns with natural ends 4-8' long. These can be cut to create smaller dimensions or to facilitate vertical placement.

Natural column bubblers bored for fountains with flat-sawn bottoms. 18-48" tall

Polished top and face bubblers. These have dished tops and come in 18", 24", 30" and 36" heights.

Column lanterns 36" tall with polished top and face and wood window.

Image Skinny Basalt Columns

all natural columns

Image 2 Skinny Basalt Columns

skinny natural basalt bubblers

Image 3 Skinny Basalt Columns

Bubblers with polished/dished top and face