Rough Hewn Granite Basins

Rough Hewn Granite Basins

These rough-hewn rustic granite basins would be at home in a water feature, ceremonial washing bowl, small fish or still water pond, planter or even a dog water bowl! These are all undrilled but we can drill a hole for drainage or piping if you need one for a nominal charge. We use a couple of these here at our office as rain chain basins! 

OR, pair one up with a KAKEHI WATER SPOUT for a traditional (and delightful) "pond-less water feature"!


Two colors: White and Dark Gray Salt & Pepper

Square  12x12x8" tall, 5" depth  $139

Round 12" diameter x 8" tall, 5" depth  $129

Round=approx 68 lbs   Square=approx 88 lbs

Square  18"x18"x14" tall, 9" depth  $239

Round  18' diameter x 14" tall, 9" depth  $239

Round=approx 170 lbs  Square=approx 200 lbs

Square  16"x16"x8" tall, 6" depth  $189

Round  16" diameter x 8" tall, 6" depth  $189

Round=approx 130 lbs  Square=approx 150 lbs

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Eitokuji Lantern

Thrilled! Finally got here after long wait but well worth the wait. Arrived in wonderful condition and landscaper put it together for us. We are the talk of the neighborhood.

Thanks so much.

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