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We feel there is nothing more important than feedback from our customers in helping us grow and improve our business and welcome your comments about our natural stone products, selection and customer service. We strive to achieve your satisfaction but also want to know if can improve in any way, so, thank you - in advance - for taking the time to comment on your experience at Pacific Stonescape.

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Rokkaku Lantern

What a gorgeous, quality lantern. Steve and his Team were great, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Pacific Stone Scape again.

Reviewed Sun, Sep 16 2018 6:34 pm by

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Rokkaku Yukimi

Rokkaku Yukimi was the first granite Japanese stone lantern I saw and knew right away it would look perfect next to my Japanese maple tree, which it does! It is so magical with exquisite details. More amazing in person! Steve made this a truly special experience!

Reviewed Thu, Jun 16 2022 9:41 pm by

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Round Granite Stepping Stones

Fast shipping and very secure and safe packing.

Better than expected and exactly what I was looking for! I really love how they look - they aren't perfectly flat, they have rough-hewn faces and sides, and softened corners/edges... so they look like small natural flat boulders, as if I buried many of them in the ground.

I found someone selling granite stepping-stones locally. But, after he texted me some pics, they looked way too manufactured/machine-made, were cut with a saw and were perfectly flat. I'm so glad I chose Pacific-Stonescape's rough-hewn granite step-stones instead! These look very natural and are super beautiful.

Reviewed Wed, Jul 24 2019 9:11 am by

Image 5.0 stars out of 5

Japanese Mountain Lantern

I received my new Japanese Mountain Lantern a few days ago. Today I placed it in my flower bed leading to the main beach house entrance and it looks stunning in front of a Japanese Maple tree. It was shipped the same day I ordered it and it was deliverered across the USA 7 days later in a nicely packed wood crate.

Reviewed Sat, Oct 01 2016 9:18 am by

Image 5.0 stars out of 5

Round Mountain Lantern

We ordered the 36" version for our front yard and it was perfect. The lamp came in 5 pieces properly packed on the pallet. It arrived within 5 days of shipment. We set it uyp at the beginning of a dry river bed and looked very at home there. I also had low voltage wiring installed with an LED lamp.

Reviewed Fri, Jun 21 2019 8:51 am by

Image 5.0 stars out of 5

Round Mountain Lantern

Great focal point behind our pond in our Japanese garden! Looks perfect. Easy to put together. Has a slight forward tilt which adds to its interest. Blends perfectly with the rocks surrounding our pond.

Reviewed Sun, Mar 22 2020 10:10 am by

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