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We feel there is nothing more important than feedback from our customers in helping us grow and improve our business and welcome your comments about our natural stone products, selection and customer service. We strive to achieve your satisfaction but also want to know if can improve in any way, so, thank you - in advance - for taking the time to comment on your experience at Pacific Stonescape. PLEASE ONLY USE THIS WEBFORM FOR PRODUCT REVIEWS. IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT US OR WANT A QUOTE, THE CONTACT EMAIL LINK IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HOME PAGE AND THE "REQUEST A QUOTE" FORM IS AT THE BOTTOM OF EVERY PRODUCT/ITEM PAGE. THANKS.

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Oki Doro granite Japanese lantern

The lovely flowing lines of this quality granite Japanese stone lantern, Kodai Maru Yukimi, beautiful compliments the spot I placed in my garden. I could not be happier! This is one of three granite lanterns that I ordered and I am so impressed with Steve, who exceeds expectation!

Reviewed Thu, Jun 16 2022 9:38 pm by

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Oki Doro

Oki Doro Japanese granite lantern has a graceful simplicity that is so charming and delightful! It is of stellar quality and inspires tranquility and calm. Packing of the 3 granite lanterns exemplary. Kudos to Steve for taking such outstanding and awesome care of everything!

Reviewed Thu, Jun 16 2022 9:45 pm by

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My lantern order...

Thank you for my order which arrived right on time and intact. Both the pagoda and lantern are just beautiful and fit right in with the garden areas that I have chosen for them.Thank you for making my purchase a very easy one. Aldona W.  Marshfield MA

Reviewed Wed, Jun 15 2016 4:51 pm by

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our lanterns

Truly the lanterns (both Oribe and Kusaya) we purchased from you give us daily pleasure. Tracy S. from San Diego

Reviewed Fri, Mar 18 2016 11:59 am by

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Japenese lanterns

I purchased the Oki Doro lantern a couple years ago. I have been so pleased with the appearance that I recently purchased the 36" tall Oribe. I temporarily set it up today and now look forward to enlarging my Japanese garden for it's new home this summer. Came yesterday in perfect shape and well packaged.

Reviewed Sat, Jun 01 2019 5:17 am by

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Rankei arrived!

Just wanted to let you know that we received the merchandise today and the Rankei piece is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Alec

Reviewed Fri, Mar 31 2017 8:23 am by

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