Kakehi Water Spouts

Kakehi Water Spouts

Mike Riddle, a retired Corvallis design/build landscape contractor who specialized in Japanese design (and who STILL does design and specialized pruning) makes these water spouts in his spare time. He uses wire on the copper styles to mimic the nodes on natural bamboo! These are built for longevity and the all copper designs should last a lifetime without any maintenance whatsoever.


Standard sizes listed below with some variability. Heights can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the depth the spout is buried in the ground. Mike is no longer taking custom orders due to the popularity of the standard models.

They are easy to plumb using 1/2" flexible irrigation tubing from the pump. A 250 gph magnetic drive pump provides plenty of volume for these spouts. We stock a variety of "pondless" bubbler basins to make these features very easy to install and virtually bulletproof or you can use pond liner and an EcoBlock Water Displacement block directly below the basin and locating the pump in a hidden vault behind it, this type of pond-less water feature (pictured) takes up a very small amount of space and can be installed in a day on a DIY basis. 

"All copper" with hammered top and heights can be adjusted on-site by varying the buried depth... NEW PRICING - COPPER COSTS  HAVE SKYROCKETED!

LARGE SIZE: approx 40" tall of 2" copper and 22" spout of 1 1/4" copper  $325   DISCONTINUED

MED SIZE: approx 30" tall of 1 1/4" copper and 15" spout of 1" copper   $315

SMALL SIZE: approx 31" tall of 1" copper and 12" spout of 3/4" copper  $275

MICRO SIZE: NEW ITEM! approx 16" tall of 3/4 copper and 9" spout of 1/2" copper $225

We can ship the micro, small and medium size by themselves via FedEx ground parcel or LTL on a pallet with orders of granite goods via common truck freight. 

Ask us about a complete kit with spout, basin, underground reservoir, pump, pipe and all the parts to install your DIY water feature!

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My Kakehi spout...

The water spout arrived yesterday in good shape. I've been looking for the right water spout for more than a year. Thank you for all your help solving my dilemma. My compliments to Mike on his workmanship.

Thanks again.

Tom B.

Reviewed Fri, Mar 31 2017 8:18 am by
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our kakehi spout

Hi Steve, Just wanted to send a big 'thank you!' to you and especially Mike Riddle for the excellent Kakehi fountain spout. The spout arrived on Wednesday afternoon, August 3 and I had it up and running by about 9:00 the next morning, in time for my father-in-law's 80th bday party that weekend. We received a lot of compliments on the fountain and are very happy with the dimension it adds to our newly renovated yard. Thanks again, Ron Hipwell

Reviewed Tue, Aug 22 2017 3:14 pm by
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