Columnar Basalt Bowls

Columnar Basalt Bowls

These little gems are our answer to the small diameter columnar bowls that have been scarce out of Eastern Washington. These come from our new supplier of column basalt products in North China. They slice the columns into sections then carve a dish in the top and polish the entire surface to a deep black finish. The sides have the naturally mineralized crust typical of basalt columns in grey-bronze tones.



4" tall x irregular pent/hexangonal shape 12-15" x 12-15" approx 75-90 lbs - $139

8" tall x irregular pent/hexagonal shape 12 - 15" x 12-15" approx 130-180 lbs - $169

Little pedestals to complement these are 18" tall and 6-8" in diameter sawn top & bottom    $69 each

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