Honey Gold Natural Ledge Veneer

Honey Gold Natural Ledge Veneer

Dominant gold with warm cream tones. Strong surface relief variation gives the Natural Ledge veneer a bold look. Stock item.

The Classic form of the Arctic Ice is more subtle with a half & half blend of gold & cream colors and a softer surface relief. Special order.

The column system is stackable in 12" tall x 18" x 18" modules with matching capstones available. Compared even to the plainest block columns, these are the most cost-effective, easiest-to-install and most attractive solutions you will find anywhere! Stock item.

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Available in:
Stepped panels: 6" x 24"
Stepped corner panels: 6" x 24" & 6" x 12"
Finished end panels: 6" x 24"
Wainscott cap: 2" x 2" x 12"
Columns: 12" x 18" x 18"
Column caps: 2" x 21" x 21"

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