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Flagstone creates exciting interior and exterior living spaces with low maintenance, amazing durability and a high "WOW" factor! Stone patios are more cost-effective than wood decks and are as well suited to interior applications as they are to exterior installations. Pacific Stonescape offers a wide variety of flagstone in a rainbow of colors, patterns and textures to meet your building and project needs.

Quartzite Flagstone Quartzite Flagstone
The Quartzite Flagstone we offer is quarried in southern Idaho and Northern Utah. It is extremely hard and durable and comes in a variety of colors and shades including: white, beige, gold, silver, salmon, green and blends of all these colors. Quartzite flagstone surfaces are especially striking at night as it tends to refract ambient light to illuminate the area with a subtle glow.
Iron Mountain Flagstone Iron Mountain Flagstone
One of the most popular flagstones in our area, Iron Mountain's primary color tones are gun metal blue with rusty brown accents occurring semi-consistently throughout any given pallet. It has a semi-smooth cleft and harmonizes well with the black basalt quarried and used extensively for walls in Willamette Valley landscapes.

Pennsylvania Bluestone Pennsylvania Bluestone
Pennsylvania Bluestone is one of the most widely distributed domestic flagstones in the U.S. It is a very durable and predictable stone with a pleasing earthy color palette. The name "bluestone" can be somewhat misleading as this material is really a "full-color" stone in hues from blue/gray/green/brown and lilac. It is available in all blue - referred to as BlueBlue, Lilac or Lavendar and Full-Color which includes a range of everything and is the most commonly specified and widely available.
Bitteroot Flagstone Bitteroot Flagstone
Quarried in the Bitteroot Mountain Range of western Montana, this flagstone is colored by the iron oxide hues of bronze, brown and red with some gray. It has a medium cleft and imbues a warmth much like redwood or cedar.
Idaho Mountain Flagstone Idaho Mountain Flagstone
This hard, multi-colored flagstone features a variety of bold earthy colors from brown, rust, green and red. It is exceptionally hard and durable with a medium coarse texture.
Molalla Flagstone Molalla Flagstone
Quarried in Oregon, this andesitic flagstone has an earthy beige and brown swirl pattern with a coarse texture that is ideal for both dry and mortar set applications. It is a medium hardness andesite and is relatively easy to cut and split.
Camas Flagstone Camas Flagstone
This rustic gray basalt is quarried in the Columbia Gorge and looks especially striking as big stepping stones through lawn or ground cover. The piece size is in-between stepping stone and large flagstone so it is managable stone for one person to deal with.

It can also be used with other Camas stone products for a dramatic veneer effect.
Misc Tumbled Stone Misc Tumbled Stone
Many of our flagstones are available TUMBLED, which give them a softer "water-washed" texture popular for use as stepping stones, pond edging, hearths and wall caps. They are especially nice around spas and pools where barefoot traffic is the norm.
Arizona Sandstone Arizona Sandstone
Classic Southwest colors are available in Arizona Sandstone flagging at Pacific Stonescape. The most popular colors are MC Rosa and Buff. Arizona flagstone tends to be soft but can be used in Northwest environments if careful attention is given to a quality job of installation. Sealers can be used if the stone is mortar set to keep it from absorbing excessive moisture.