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Accent boulders can take a bland landscape and take it to a new level of natural beauty. Pacific Stonescape stocks many types of boulders in various colors, textures, shapes and sizes.

Windswept Mossy Boulders Windswept Mossy Boulders
The combination of wind, rain, moss and lichen makes these boulders look as if they have been in any landscape for years.
Santiam River Boulders Santiam River Boulders
From the heart of the Willamette Valley come these natural river boulders in gray & buff hues. The material of choice in our region for landscape accents, water features and dry creek beds.

Idaho Mt Boulders Idaho Mt Boulders
These specimen boulders are alive with color and texture. They tend to be blocky and therefore make excellent benches, landings, wall outcroppings and monuments.
Three Rivers Boulders Three Rivers Boulders
Spectacular swirls of lavendar, red, gold, buff & brown give Three Rivers boulders their unique characteristic. They tend to be blocky in shape so are excellent for sculptural elements, garden art pedestals, benches, outcroppings, waterfalls or ?
Black Basalt Boulders Black Basalt Boulders
Quarried in the southern Willamette Valley, these black beauties are at home in any setting. Although it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure steady supplies of blocky material good for drystack walls, quarry-run boulders are always available!
Falls Creek Bench Boulders Falls Creek Bench Boulders
Warm, beige-gray with some soft brown & gold are the primary colors of these very blocky boulders that we carry in limited quantities for use as natural benches.
Willamette Valley Granite Boulders Willamette Valley Granite Boulders
The gray granite boulders produced at our quarry have a subtle salt & pepper texture and make a striking contrast as accents in any landscape.
Green Glacier Boulders Green Glacier Boulders
An intense, aqua/turquoise color make these boulders some of most interesting that we offer. They can be used as specimens, benches, statuary pedestals, walls, waterfall elements or ?