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Stone Columns & Bowls

Of all the types of stone identified with Pacific Stonescape, basalt columns and bowls are at the top of the list. We carry a huge selection of these magnificent and unique specimen stones and select many of them to be drilled for water feature fountains. Columns are spectacular in water settings but are also quite popular as sculptural elements in the landscape, driveway gate posts, monuments, parking blocks and benches. Naturally dished columns make wonderful birdbaths, still basins or active bubblers and we always have a good supply of these popular specimens in sizes that are manageable by the average homeowner without the use of heavy equipment for placement - although the smallest sizes sell almost as soon as they hit the ground in our yards!

Polished Natural Basin Polished Natural Basin
Each one of these unique basins are crafted from natural basalt boulders. They have a natural shape and exterior texture with polished tops and a perfectly round basin.

Snake River Columns Snake River Columns
These small diameter (6" - 14") bronze columns have been the most popular column we sell since we introduced them a couple years ago. We drill the majority of them for water features with flat sawn bottoms which makes them quite easy to stand up. Longer ones in the 6' - 8' range we usually leave undrilled as they are excellent for gate posts or sculptural elements. Along with most any other columns or boulders in any of our yards, they can be drilled upon request!
Bronze Basalt Columns Bronze Basalt Columns
Another view of the fireplace treatment using columns and black granite at the Hunts Residence.
Bronze Basalt Bowls Bronze Basalt Bowls
Bronze basalt bowls occur naturally at the quarry and are not cut, carved or otherwise man-made in any way.
We stock a variety of sizes of these unique stone dishes but they are so popular that they sell almost as fast as we unload the delivery trucks!