Bluestone Stair Treads & Planking

Bluestone Stair Treads & Planking

Precision sawn and then flamed for a rustic, non-slip surface, bluestone treads have a wide range of applications and harmonize with about any style and color range. Stair treads, capstone, rustic countertops or large pavers are just a few of the ways this popular and versatile stone is used.

Modular Stair System: this stone stair system uses no mortar so can be installed by a homeowner with a strong helper or two for less than the cost of hiring a contractor to form and pour concrete steps or build something out of wood!


We stock 1 1/2" thick planking in 12" and 18" width by 48" and 72" length.

Modular Stair System: widths of 36", 48", 60" & 72" with landing depths of 12", 24" & 36" up 6 total rises

Custom projects? YES!...just about anything is possible with Pennsylvania Bluestone.

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